Established in 1962 as a state owned enterprise, at present HIMIK Co. is
100% privately owned joint-stock company.
HIMIK Co. is a small chemical complex for the manufacture of a broad range
of inorganic salts, film-forming polymers for the pharmaceutical industry, state of
the art paints, lacquers and glues for construction, synthetic washing-up and
washing agents, rubber compositions and technical rubber goods.
The technologies require batch production and grant maximum flexibility.
The transportation facilities and the mechanised warehouses fully cover the
needs of the production and facilitate customer service. An autonomous power
supply is under construction. Most of the raw materials are of local origin.
The company has its own research team that has developed and imple-
mented the major part of the processes. HIMIK Co. holds patents for the
processes for the production of enteric coating film-forming polymers and an
extensive know how for the rest of its products. One of the priorities in the com-
pany strategy is improving the existing products and meeting specific customer
The functioning quality management system grants the high level of the
products. The technical goods comply with the Bulgarian state standards, while
the pharmaceutical components - Sogican 1MMA and Sogican 2MMA meet the
specifications of USP XXI and the European pharmacopoeia. The local comput-
er network covering the processes from the incoming raw materials to the deliv-
ery of the final products is part of the quality assurance system. The company
aims at achieving the requirements of ISO 9000 ad ISO 9003.
The investment programme of the company includes technical moderniza-
tion of the equipment and technological improvement of the products. The
available facilities can be used for larger scale production as well as for prod-
uct diversification.
The company is looking for partners for the production of new hi-tech goods
and for joint activities in marketing.

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"Himik" Co
7200 Razgrad, Bulgaria
East Administrative Zone 146
phone: +359 84 632 380
fax: +359 84 632 380
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